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We understand that service and support is crucial to the smooth running and success of your business, which is why we offer a full range of support services, ensuring your Mitsubishi EDM equipment continues to operate to maximum efficiency. From a tool change to assistance with a workflow management system, we are here to help.

Whether you require technical support consumables, original parts, training or a demonstration, we will ensure your machines operate at peak precision and performance, providing a production environment that is totally reliable and continually delivers.

Regular servicing ensures your machines continually work to optimum efficiency and we hold a full range of genuine Mitsubishi parts and accessories in stock, ensuring we can resolve machine issues as quickly as possible.

Our engineers are available to assist with maintenance or upgrade requirements, and we offer training support to ensure your operatives are up to speed as quickly as possible on new machines. We are also happy to demonstrate the operational capability of any of our machines.

With application expertise across a wide range of industry sectors, our aim is to ensure your business benefits from maximum productivity, accuracy and reliability at all times.

Behind Mitsubishi EDM is the world of Mitsubishi Electric… 

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