MV-R Series

The machine results you expect – in a playful, transparent, efficient and reliable process These days, the operation of a CNC machine no longer has to be complicated – the dialogue guidance of the CNC helps less experienced machine operators to reliably accomplish their tasks. The transparency of the machining processes on the EDM system and overviews of the state of maintenance and resource consumption are a help with cost analysis and preventive maintenance. The analysis functions thus help to boost efficiency by exploiting capacities and resources better – and boost the proverbial reliability of the EDM systems from Mitsubishi Electric still further.


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Travels 400*300*220

Max work piece 810*700*220


Travels 600*400*310

Max work piece 1050*820*310


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Key Features

Optical Drive System

The speed of light…for communication by fibre optics. The Tubular direct drives with their highly responsive control on the main axes fully exploit the benefits of high communication speed. No heat, no maintenance and no contact – just extra precision for good. At Mitsubishi Electric, this is known as “Changes for the Better”

Precise Finish Circuit

Extra precision and speed thanks to the generator that not only thinks, but also thinks ahead. If you want to achieve better results with fewer re-cuts, you need the right blend of mutually adapted technologies. With Precise Finish Cut, you achieve more precise results


Wire break point insertion even on thick and interrupted workpieces. The time-consuming return to the starting point is omitted – and machining continues where it left off, thanks to the highly advanced wire annealing system. Depending on machining conditions, threading can be successfully performed with or without jet stream and even submerged – depending on workpiece thickness.

Long Life Sytems

An EDM system must help your company to make money. The MV-S Series cuts expenditure on electricity, wire and filters considerably – so that you can earn more. The machine is designed for decades and has extra-low maintenance needs thanks to intelligent technologies.

Natural User Interface

Operation must be simple and assist the user. The directly retrievable operating instructions, Windows based user guidance and automatic 3D workpiece position measurement make it easy to relax.

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