FA Series

In the best sense of the word, the FA-S Advance is an universal machine, which can increase your competitive edge through low operating costs and short processing times. Cutting speeds up to 500 mm²/min., surface finishes of less than 0.15 µm Ra, wire diameters from 0.1 – 0.36 mm, best parallelism, and simple processing of even the most different materials leaves nothing to be desired. The numerous automatic functions, coupled with the solid, durable construction and the linear measuring system, ensure lasting results that are reproducible. Your advantage: Praxis proven technology ensures your competitive advantage on a long term basis.

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Travels 1000*800*400

Max work piece 1550*1300*400


Travels 1300*1000*400(600)

Max work piece 2000*1600*400(675)