Case Study Videos from Mitsubishi EDM:

Paragon Toolmaking Move to Mitsubishi EDM

Learn why Mitsubishi EDM was the first choice for one of the leading manufacturers of press tools.


XL Precision Endorse Mitsubishi EDM

Managing Director Tom Graham at XL Precision gives a review of Mitsubishi EDM. Learn why Mitsubishi machines are their number one choice for Wire EDM.


Mitsubishi EDM Help EDM Zone Grow Their Business

Roger Wilson at EDM Zone talks us through why Mitsubishi EDM machines from Mitsubishi EDM are helping them grow their business.

Outright Engineering Embrace Mitsubishi EDM Technology

Managing Director Martin Long explains why they’ve been working with Mitsubishi EDM for over 12 years!

Aerodyne Choose Mitsubishi EDM

Managing Director Chris Claypole explains that they choose Mitsubishi machines for their reliability. Find out more by watching the video!

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