EMO Hannover 2017 

Mitsubishi Electric announces the unveiling of two wire-cutting machines with a new control and simplified operation at EMO 2017.

A new option that displays the output of numeric values as easy-to-read graphics – much like in an aircraft’s cockpit – is now available. Hans-Jürgen Pelzers, Sales Manager Europe, explains: “Operation has to be simple, quick and flexible so that the user is able to achieve precise results with little effort – even when working to the highest standards.” The new manual control box of the MV‑R Connect features a bright, user-configurable display and is equipped with all the important functions. With a freely rotating and pivoting 48 cm multi-touch display, the operator can comfortably make settings according to his needs.


Thanks to the built-in cost and performance monitor, the operator can analyse machine profitability and uncover reserves to optimise processes and boost efficiency at all times. Diagrams depict operating costs and output. All operating material statuses and maintenance cycles can be called up at a touch – and, if desired, read out. The machine comes with a network connection, USB, FTP, DNC and open data interfaces, and can be linked up to existing production planning and analysis systems.


In tune with the anticipated future requirements of Industry 4.0, the abundance of processable data available with these machines ensures transparency throughout the production stages. Intel Security is pre-integrated to provide security. Product Manager Stephan Barg says: “Transparent production is now possible and is proving to be appreciably more profitable and cheaper with the MV‑R Connect series.”


The newly designed Job Planner makes it possible to simply bring forward urgent jobs, with automatic saving of the parameters of the interrupted jobs; meaning work can be resumed later on, immediately from the point of interruption. Countering the shortage of skilled labour, the control guides less experienced users through the cutting process step-by-step and thereby teaches them the points to bear in mind while they are working.


Expert mode takes a more direct approach, and the flexible configurability of the control interface makes it possible to attune the machine entirely to typical applications and the operator’s personal focus. The MV1200R Connect and MV2400R Connect will be premiered at EMO in September 2017 and are expected to be available from November.

The new manual control box of the MV-R Connect features a bright, user-configurable display and is equipped with all the important functions.

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